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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Former NSA official joins chorus accusing Obama of ordering Kerry and Power to miss Netanyahu speech

As those who follow me on Twitter know, I've been trying to get AP's Matt Lee to question the State Department on Secretary Kerry's and Ambassador Power's absences from Prime Minister Netanyahu's UN speech on Thursday.
Now, I have more ammunition. Over the weekend, I had retweeted this tweet.
Rick Grenell was for years the spokesman at the US Mission to the UN and is a very well-informed observer according to former National Security official Elliott Abrams (Hat Tip: Abu Yehuda).
Think of how petty that instruction, which can only have come from the White House, really is. To sit in the seat and listen to Netanyahu isn’t endorsing his remarks, it is the politeness we owe an ally. Deliberate absence recalls the years in which dozens of delegations, Arab and “Third World,” would leave the chamber when any Israeli rose to speak. This administration is still griping about diplomatic errors Netanyahu has made, but a refusal to have the US ambassador listen to his speech is petty and damaging, hinting to anti-Israel delegations that the United States may be willing to let all sorts of anti-Israel measures go without opposition or criticism.
This is a low point for seven years of Obama diplomacy. I’ll admit to surprise that Kerry, who appears to value diplomatic niceties greatly (and arguably too much) let this happen. But perhaps he knew nothing about it or was overruled by the White House.
As for Samantha Power, one has to wonder what was running through her mind when she was instructed to stay away. Is this really why she left the academic and intellectual life– to be used by the Obama administration to insult and damage Israel?
Abrams gives Power too much credit - she's an Israel hater too. But his criticism of Obama's pettiness (which we've seen many times before) is spot-on.

You might all want to retweet the tweet below (and this post) to see if we can get Matt to hit the State Department on Power's (and Kerry's) absence.

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Security cabinet likely to adopt these proposed actions from Netanyahu on 'Palestinian' terrorism

Israel's security cabinet is meeting tonight and the Prime Minister's Office has released a list of proposed measures it is likely to adopt (via Chico Menashe):

Terrorists' homes will be destroyed. The Prime Minister has charged the Attorney General to find a way to shorten the legal procedures for doing so.

Increased forces in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem as necessary. Thousands of police have already been added in Jerusalem and hundreds more will be added. The police will enter deeply into 'east' Jerusalem neighborhoods and no one will be exempt because of his location.

The status quo on the Temple Mount will be maintained.

No Israeli citizens will be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

Advancing the paving of bypass roads.

Use of administrative detention against rioters.

The Prime Minister demanded forceful action against inciters, including those on social media.

The Prime Minister demanded the prosecution of bystanders and shopkeepers who did not help the terror victims in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday night and even injured them (see the video two posts down).

Netanyahu: "We will not tolerate a situation where a Jewish woman has been stabbed and not only do bystanders not help her, they curse and even kick her. Those people will be brought to justice."

Expediting the adoption of laws that will hold minors and their parents criminally liable for throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and fireworks.

Rah, rah etc.
Sorry, but I don't see much new here. What's missing is IDF activity against the root causes of the terror - the terror organizations. Many organizations have rushed to take credit for the attacks over the last few days. The leadership of those organizations should be meeting up with hellfire missiles. The sooner the better.

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Monday, October 05, 2015

MUST SEE: @APDiplowriter schools the State Department on hypocrisy

Shana Tova, a good year to all of you. While the holiday has not yet ended in much of the world, here in Israel it is over.

And now, for your entertainment pleasure, the AP's Matt Lee schools the State Department spokesperson on the hypocrisy of last summer's criticism of Israeli operations in Gaza v. the excuses for the US bombing a civilian hospital in Afghanistan last week.

Let's go to the videotape.

Pretty hypocritical, aren't they?

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

'Palestinian Authority' breaks silence, condemns... wait for it... Israel for deaths of terrorists

Yes, they really said that.
After days of silence amid a string of terror attacks and skyrocketing tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority on Sunday condemned Israel for its “policy of escalation,” after two Palestinian assailants were killed as they carried out terror attacks. 
In a written communique published on the official news agency Wafa, PA government spokesman Ihab Bseiso called on the international community to intervene following “the killing of two young men in occupied Jerusalem and the series of incursions into cities and villages in the West Bank.”
The statement made no mention of the fact that the two dead Palestinians had been killed while carrying out stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians.
On Saturday night Palestinian Mohammad Halabi carried out a stabbing spree in Jerusalem’s Old City, killing Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Banito, 21, and wounding Banito’s wife and 2-year-old baby, police said.
Hours later, Palestinian Fadi Aloon stabbed an Israeli teen near the Old City’ Damascus gate.
Both Halabi and Aloon were shot and killed at the scene.
“The only solution is the end of the Israeli occupation of our occupied Palestinian land and the establishment of our independent state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital,” Bseiso wrote.
The statement did not condemn or mention the killings of Naama and Eitam Henkin, who were shot to death in a Palestinian terror attack on Thursday in the West Bank.
'Palestinian' gall knows no limits.

The police have restricted access to Jerusalem's Old City.
The Israel Police announced Sunday it would limit access to Jerusalem’s Old City and the Temple Mount compound, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, over the next two days.
Only Israeli citizens, local residents, students, employees who work in the area and tourists will be allowed entry into the Old City through Tuesday, police said.
On the Temple Mount compound, “Muslim prayer will be limited to males aged 50 and above while there will be no age limitation on female Muslim worshipers,” police said in a statement.
The Muslim worshipers will only be allowed in through the Old City’s Lions Gate.
For some reason, much of the media is making it sound like police have banned all access to the 'Palestinians' to the Old City. If only... In fact, if only we had expelled them in 1967 when we had the chance.

Chag Sameyach, a happy holiday to all of you. Because the holiday is only one day in Israel, I hope to be back online Monday night.

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Video: Mother/Grandmother of terror victims describes 'Palestinians' cheering as her daughter, son-in-law were stabbed

Here's video from today's funeral of Aaron Bennett HY"D (May God Avenge his blood).

Let's go to the videotape.

I apologize to the Hebrew-impaired, but she's not exaggerating. Let's go to the videotape of the attack. Notice all the shopkeepers standing around like nothing is happening, some of them cheering.

Nice 'people.' Let's give them a 'state.'

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Ain't this the truth?


'Palestinian security services' to attempt to stop demolition of Jerusalem stabber's home?

Netanyahu is not Obama. Here's hoping that Israel will demolish the stabber's home.

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'Palestinian' terrorist after Abu Mazen UN speech: 'Every way to protect al-Aqsa's sanctity is legal'

Too bad this wasn't found sooner.

#ThanksObama for legitimizing Abu Bluff.

And thanks Slimy Shimon for bringing us the disaster known as Oslo. The 'Palestinians' were on the verge of defeat 22 years ago. You brought them back to life.

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Breaking: Facebook page opened in memory of 'Palestinian' terrorist, over 2000 follow within an hour

A Facebook page has been opened in memory of Mohammed Halabi, the terrorist who murdered two Jews in Jerusalem's Old City this evening. More than 2,000 people have already followed this page (Hat Tip: NR (daughter # 2, child #4)).

Mark Zuckerberg? Comments?

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

BBC: 'Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two'

Shavua tov u'moadim l'simcha, a happy holiday to all of you. Yes, that screen cap really was the BBC's headline of a terror attack in Jerusalem's Old City this evening in which two Israelis were murdered, and two other Israelis - one of them a toddler - were wounded.

And the Beeb wasn't the only one as some of the tweets below will show you. They were just the most blatant non-Arab example.
The biased headlines have almost caused social media to ignore the event itself.
Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Banita Bennett, 21, have been named as the two Israelis murdered in a stabbing attack on Saturday night, which took place in Jerusalem's Old City and left two others wounded.
Bennett, along with his wife and two-year-old son, were attacked by the terrorist; his wife was seriously wounded and the child lightly wounded.
Rabbi Lavi, a father of seven, is originally from Beit El in Binyamin north of Jerusalem, but has lived in the Old City for the past 23 years. He is a rabbi at Yeshivat Ateret Kohanim.
According to the rabbi's friends, he went down with his gun to try and save those wounded by the Arab terrorist in the attack, but the terrorist stabbed him and took his weapon.
The rabbi's funeral will take place on Sunday at 12 p.m., at the Har Hamenuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem.
Rabbi Lavi volunteered last summer to take an officer's course as part of his IDF reserve duty, so as to become an officer in the army and stay on longer.
May God Have mercy on and console the families and may they know of no more sorrow. And may God Avenge their blood.

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Friday, October 02, 2015

Heart-rending: 9-year old Matan Henkin says Kaddish for his parents

We generally do not look to publicize sad things during the holiday. I am about to make an exception.

This is video from the funeral of Eitam and Naama Henkin HY"D (May God Avenge their blood). In the background is their 9-year old son Matan saying the Kaddish, the prayer that children say for the 11 months after their parents' deaths.

Let's go to the videotape.

This is from a description provided by a first responder to the attack.
"I was traveling from Itamar to Elon Moreh; my own two children were in the back of the car," he recounted to Walla! News. "Near Beit Furik, I see a car in front of me, flashing its headlights and honking. I understood that there was something odd."
"I pull over and see a man armed with an M-16 and recognize him as a friend of mine," he said. "I asked him what was going on, he said there was a terror attack, there are kids in the back."
Goren had arrived at the scene mere minutes after Fatah terrorists murdered Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin.
"I looked and saw that the wounded appeared to be in critical condition, so we decided to put the kids in my car for the time being; my friend meanwhile stood guard."
Goren called security forces and the IDF as he waited for help to arrive. The IDF's Mobile Intensive Care Unit arrived at the scene first, but armed soldiers took far longer to reach the site.
For the children's safety, Goren took his children and the Henkin children to Itamar; an ambulance met them there. Medical teams examined the children and a resident of Itamar took care of them while they waited for social services to arrive.
When he arrived, all four children seemed to have understood that something had happened, he said, and the eldest cried bitter tears while saying that someone murdered his parents.
Matan Hillel, the Henkins' nine-year-old, told Goren his name and their community. Later, when speaking to others, Goren realized that Matan probably saw the terrorist's face during the shooting. All four children were traumatized, he said.
There's another heart-rending piece here, written by someone else whose parents were murdered by 'Palestinian' terrorists (Hat Tip: Varda N).
Bat-Sheva Sadan, whose parents Eli and Dina Horowitz were murdered by terrorists, posted this moving message in Hebrew:
As usual, there will be torrents of words, countless exclamation points, headlines painted in red and questions at the end of every sentence, in the Israeli press. Some will be shocked, some will condemn, some will blame, others will call for a response and many will seek words of comfort.
If the murders are mentioned at all in the rest of the world's media, they will probably find a way to blame the victims.
But no one, no one at all, will find the words that can enter the soul of seven-year-old Nitsan Yitzhak, who, just yesterday morning, held his Four Species with a child's excitement while his father explained how to hold them properly and his mother watched with joy in her eyes. Today he awoke to the first day in a life where he will be unable to say "Look, Abba – Listen, Imma!"
And no one will ask or write about Matan Hillel, the eldest child, all of nine years old. whose life will never be the same. And although Matan knows much about so many things, he will not be able to learn the hardest lesson in his life with his father. And although he is only nine, he is already thinking about his Bar Mitzva.
He already realizes that there will be masses of people there, relatives and uncles, neighbors and friends, but no father will say the traditional words "Blessed is He Who has absolved me from responsibility [for the boy's sins now that he has reached maturity].'" And when he looks at the women's section, there won't be a mother gazing at him with a smile filled with trust and confidence in his ability.
And no one will find the words to contain the thoughts of four-year-old Neta Eliezer, who is used to countless kisses and hugs, and a mother who tells him how sweet he is while she presses him to her, and whose father will never again place him on his knee to teach him his letters, and tell him of the sweetness of Torah verses. That's it. Not a vestige of all of this will remain.
We have no way of knowing if he will remember those moments when Imma bent down to hear a long sentence that he said to her, or when Abba allowed him to feel important, holding the car keys. We don't even know if he will remember how they looked, their smell, the sounds of their voices. 
All the things little Itamar needs will be bought, diapers and bottles, formula and wipes will be donated, but no one will ask, no one among all those murmuring words will look at this four-month-old baby and ask: Isn't it true that none of these formulas are as tasty as mother's milk?
We don't want to hear the answer anyway.
Because anyone who has ever felt a mother's hug and has seen himself reflected in his father's eyes, will always be able to tell the difference between a substitute and the real thing.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameyach to all of you. May these be the last deaths and may they return to the world of the living with the Messiah's arrival speedily and in our time.


From a terror victim who survived

The car in the picture is not the car in the story.

There was another terror attack on a family in Israel on Thursday. You didn't hear about it because this family survived. Here's their story (Hat Tip: Mrs. Carl).
And then we drove home to Tekoa, about a 10 minute drive away. Part of the road trails through a Palestinian village, and as we entered we saw dozens and dozens of Palestinian kids walking home from school, wearing their uniforms and backpacks. I warned my husband to drive carefully, g-d forbid he should accidentally hit someone, as they were walking on the edge and straying into the road. He drove slower.
And then suddenly there was a loud boom. And another, and another, and then another. And I couldn’t see a thing, and I heard my children screaming, the baby crying, I looked out my window and saw the Palestinian children, and then an Israeli soldier. I fumbled for my cell phone, following the protocol I had been taught but never had to use.
I called for help. I heard my voice shaking as I tried to explain where we were, what had happened, and as I did my car’s windscreen finally came into focus, it was smashed, my legs and arms were covered in glass, my knee was burning where a shard of glass was stuck inside my skin. And then I dropped the phone, suddenly remembering my children, ohmigod my children, the baby! I climbed out of my seat to look behind me as my husband continued driving away as fast as he could.
They were screaming, my 3-year-old was crying hysterically, my 6-year-old was yelling “what happened mommy, what happened!” over and over again. And the baby, was crying, screaming, oh, he’s such a good baby and he never cries, and then I saw he was covered in millions of tiny pieces of glass. The entire back windshield of the car had smashed in, there was glass everywhere, all over my children, all over my baby. In his hair, on his face, on his little onesie. I gently tried to shake the glass off him as my hands trembled, “drive faster, quickly, quickly, we have to check the baby,” I cried to my husband, who had somehow not lost control of the car during the attack.
And then forever passed, but it was only minutes, and we had reached the entrance to Tekoa, and security surrounded us. I grabbed my kids out of the car and held the baby up, I brushed him off, I analyzed his face, he was okay, thank god he was okay, they were all okay. My son was screaming that I was bleeding, and I saw the glass in my knee and a trail of blood down my leg but felt nothing but relief.
It’s in the news all the time. Rock throwing. It seems trivial. But it wasn’t rocks. It wasn’t pebbles. It was giant blocks of stone, the rectangular kind that are used to build houses. And it can kill. Rocks, stones, guns, are all the same. They are weapons. They are violence. They are tools to commit murder.
Read the whole thing.

There are attacks like this in Israel (mostly in Judea and Samaria) on an almost daily basis. This family was 'lucky' that they escaped relatively unhurt and that they were 'only' attacked with stones and not guns.

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'Most pro-Israel President evah' orders Secretary of State, UN Ambassador to skip Israeli PM's UN speech

President Hussein Obama, the self-proclaimed 'most pro-Israel President evah,' ordered his Secretary of State John Kerry and his Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power to skip Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to the UN General Assembly on Thursday (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
“Ambassador Power and Secretary Kerry were unable to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before the General Assembly because they were called into a meeting with President Obama, which they participated in via video teleconference,” a State Department Official told Breitbart News.
Although they were both in New York for the United Nations General Assembly meetings, the two high-ranking U.S. officials were notably absent for the entirety of the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech.
“The United States was represented at the speech by Ambassador David Pressman, Alternate Representative of the United States to the United Nations for Special Political Affairs, Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro, and Ambassador Richard Erdman, Alternate Representative to the UN General Assembly,” the official added.
With 'friends' like this, who needs enemies?

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None (other than Israel) dare call it terror

Moadim l'Simcha, a happy holiday to all of you.

For those who have been in a cave for the last 18 hours or so (no, I have not been - I spent yesterday with the family and only tweeted about it last night), Eitam and Naama Henkin HY"D (May God Avenge their blood) were murdered last night by 'Palestinian' terrorists affiliated with the 'moderate' Fatah group of  'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen in front of four of their six children.

Eitam was the son of Rav Yehuda and Rabbanit Hannah Henkin, the author of the Bnei Banim responsa and the founder of Nishmat, respectively. He was the great grandson or Rav Yosef Eliyahu Henkin, one of the most prominent American rabbis of the mid-20th century and author of the Gvurot Eliyahu responsa.

An affiliate of the 'moderate' Fatah terror organization has taken responsibility for the attack.

The funeral took place on Friday morning, but because of the holiday, the shiva (one-week intense mourning period) does not start until Monday night. The family asked the media not to live broadcast the funeral ceremony (the media here often broadcasts funerals of terror victims).

Rabbanit Henkin eulogized her son Friday, noting that he had been a wellspring of support and nachas, joy and fulfillment, for her and the Rabbi. 
"We had a special language between us of Torah and Halakha [Jewish law - ed.]," the Rabbanit stated. "You continued in the Torah ways of your father and grandfather, with talent, with integrity; you were a man of Torah in all things." 
"You wrote a book on Jewish law in your twenties; people did not believe you were so young," she continued. 
[President Reuven] Rivlin also eulogized the couple. 
"We don't give eulogies on Chol HaMoed [intermediate days of Passover and Sukkot - ed.], but you cannot stand silent in the face of a father and mother, who were well-loved, who were murdered at the hands of a murderous savage and robbed their children of their parents," Rivlin began.
"Like many of the people of Israel, I learned about your personality too late," he continued. "This morning I was shown some of the Torah works the Rabbi wrote during the short years of his life. What we can we say? That we lost a brave and original scholar? That we lost a huge rabbi, who hails from a family of giants, a man of letters who was also a man of action - or that we simply lost a loving father?" 
Rivlin noted that Naama wrote him personally after the murder of 25 year-old Danny Gonen in June. 
"I told you that the responsibility for the security of all the [Judea-Samaria] residents is in our hands, and that I would visit every home whose light had been extinguished [i.e. from terror - ed.]," Rivlin stated. "I never thought I would then be coming to visit your home." 
Rivlin vowed not only to embrace the bereaved Henkin children, but also to keep a principle of togetherness from the Mishna the Henkins proudly posted on their Sukkah - "They will be connected unto one union, and will atone for one another." (Hebrew: יקושרו כולם, אגודה אחת, והן מכפרין, אלו על אלו). 
"Naama, I promise you that the embrace we see today from the whole nation will not stop," he said. "This was your will, and so it will be actualized - this is the togetherness in which you invested."
US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro unequivocally condemned the attack. But his bosses at the State Department did not. From my Twitter feed:
Meanwhile, supporters of the Fatah terror organization celebrated.
Still waiting to hear more unequivocal condemnations of these heinous murders financed indirectly by the United States and the European Union. By the way, Abu Mazen has had nothing to say thus far.

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